HORSES FOR NIGHT at the RACES are ON SALE ($25)!  Even if you didn't get a ticket to attend (all sold out - waiting list only), you can still purchase and name a horse! This is the second annual event in honor of Dave Boxler and will be held on Saturday, February 23 at the American Legion Post 703 on York Rd. Advertising for the Race Booklet is also available. Last year's event was a HUGE success!

WEEKLY OPEN GYM… for 9th graders and older begins on Thursday, January 10 from 6:15p to 8:30p. Questions, contact Paul Neff.

KARATE WILL RESUME ON JANUARY 15… on Tuesday evenings: 7:00p to 7:25p for Children and 7:30p to 8:30p for Adults. Questions, contact Mark Knauss.

YOU ARE INVITED… to take part in our Divinity Lenten Devotional (hard as it may be to think about that already!) You may either write your own devotion or provide one of your favorites for printing. The footprint for them is:

  • A Scripture Verse
  • The Devotion
  • A Short Prayer
  • Your Name

To allow time to get the Devotional, completed for Ash Wednesday on March 6th, please submit your devotion to either Loretta or Paula by Februrary 9th!

Christmas Lights

Christmas is a time of joy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Church services, dinners with families, opening gifts, sharing Christian love and the blessing of the season are many of the things we look forward to during the holidays.

Everyone is not as fortunate as we are so once again we are asking you to open your hearts to the students at Parma Park. We will be working with Parma Park to provide Christmas for several families who cannot provide one for themselves this year.

In the near future there will be tickets for needed items on the SCHOOL BUS in Narthex. Please take one of the tickets, purchase the item(s), and return it wrapped with the ticket attached to the outside of the package. All wrapped and labeled gifts should be placed in the SCHOOL BUS. More information will be coming as we get the information from Parma Park.

If you cannot shop, but would like to help, contact Loretta Cross or Jackie Difford. Thank you for helping to share the joys of the season with these families.


DID YOU KNOW THAT... Owners of Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts after age 70½ can donate from their IRAs to qualified charities, such as Divinity Lutheran Church, and have the donations count towards their required minimum distribution! The amount donated is not included in your income.

For many people age 70½ or over, the days of itemizing on your taxes are long gone. Most people in this age group do not have high enough expenses, such as mortgage interest expense or state and local income taxes from a job that would allow them to itemize. In fact, if you do itemize, it may only be to deduct large charitable contributions.

In 2015, President Obama signed into law the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) act which included making permanent the Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). This tax savings tool, which allows taxpayers to reduce their taxes if they have money in IRA’s and want to make a charitable contribution, had been going in and out of the law for many years.

The QCD is a wonderful tax lowering strategy which supports people’s decisions to be charitable. If you are interested in a QCD, please consult with your IRA trustee, your tax advisor, your financial advisor and Paula McCormick our church administrator. No amount is too small and if you are in a taxable situation, every amount will most likely save you money.