Confirmation Class

The Lutheran Church prepares our baptized children to "affirm" their baptisms at the end of their 8th grade year. Our children have been "raised and nurtured in the Christian faith" through years of Sunday School, first communion classes in 4th grade, and Bible Camp experiences. Confirmation classes and activities are the last step in preparing them to affirm their baptisms.

The confirmation years are an exciting time of spiritual growth in a youth's life. It is a special time for both youth and their parents as they delve into their Christian beliefs and the special gifts with which God has blessed them. The confirmation program starts at the beginning of 7th grade with affirmation in the spring of 8th grade. The Rite of Confirmation is celebrated on the first Sunday in May each year.

Sample Monthly Confirmation Activities

Confirmation Stoles
  • Redeemer Crisis Center: We will help the center prepare for Christmas food distribution and serve a meal.
  • Nursing Home Services: We will lead worship service at local nursing homes.