Divinity partners with the Redeemer Crisis Center on the near west-side of Cleveland to provide services and resources to seniors, the disabled, families, the homeless, and those facing unexpected circumstances such as medical emergencies, accidents, death of a family member, or the need to help a relative with housing.

Divinity's Ministries at Redeemer Include:


On the second Sunday of each month, Divinity volunteers prepare a community meal at Redeemer which is attended by over 100 people. We provide the food, cook the meal, serve, and clean up. For many of the people in attendance, it will be the best meal they will have all month.

On holidays and other special occasions, the church provides gifts for Redeemer clients. In March, not only does Divinity provide a meal, but diners are given one or more packed lunches which are donated by Divinity members so that they will have a meal for the next day.


Several times each year, Divinity's confirmation class provides service to the Center by packing food bags, setting up for holiday distribution, sorting clothes, and setting up, serving, and cleaning up after a community dinner. They also serve the Christmas dinner and the dinner in March.

We always welcome other congregations to get involved and take over one of the months by doing the whole job or coming to assist during the serving hours.

A tradition is the “Giving Tree” in the Narthex at Christmas, where Divinity members can select an ornament and then buy a special gift for a Redeemer child. Yearly we provide about 150 Christmas gifts so that no child is left without a special present. We also have a new socks collection, and at the Christmas dinner, we provide everyone in attendance with 3 new pairs of socks. The confirmation youth and directors are the key to the success of this project.


In summer, Divinity sponsors a week of Bible School providing a half-day program of Bible study, crafts, recreation, and a snack. Not only are members involved in this program, but a group of retired teachers assist with this activity, which provides quality programming for children in need.

The work is never done at Redeemer and we are always looking for new people to join us with these established programs and also special activities which are planned as needed. We have had baby showers, a kitchen shower, and collections of new and used bath and bedroom items to just name a few. Come for a day or on a regular basis to Redeemer.

The Center is located at 2970 West 30th Street, at the corner of West 30th and Walton Avenue in Cleveland. Visit the web site for more information on its mission.redeemercrisiscenter.com/