CrossThe Grace Prayer Team is a group of people scheduled by Marilyn Sesock to come to church on Sunday mornings one half hour before the first service.

We meet in the Parlor and collectively pray by the center doors.

Then we independently move down the aisles reading scripture at each pew. One person prays over the choir loft, the lectern, the pulpit, and the altar.

As each person finishes their scriptures, they kneel at the communion rail to silently offer independent prayer.  All other prayers/scriptures are pre-printed.

When all are ready, we stand and pray at the center of the rails, where the baptismal font is usually placed.

Then we move into the Chapel where the pastor will come to be prayed for. If we have more than one pastor, they all come to the Chapel. The pastor kneels and we place our hands on him. We collectively pray for the pastor and the church, ending with the Lords Prayer.

Usually hugs or greetings are exchanged at this point.

The teams usually are asked to serve one Sunday a month. An annual schedule is prepared by Marilyn Sesock.

If this is a ministry that interests you, please contact Marilyn Sesock.