Baptismal Box

A child’s journey in faith begins with his/her baptism. The celebration of Baptism within the context of the gathered community of faith promotes the understanding of baptism as adoption into the Body of Christ. This is a time for parents and sponsors to deepen their understanding of baptism and to grow in their desire and ability to nurture their child in faith.

Before baptism occurs, parents and sponsors will meet with Pastor Doug for baptismal preparation.

On the day of your child's baptism, a personalized butterfly will be given to you to be placed on the church banner commemorating the special day. (This butterfly will be sent to your child when he/she turns 3, as he/she begins his/her 1st step in attending Sunday School with friends.) You will also receive a wooden, hand-crafted "baptismal box" built by our own Dave Worsencroft to store your child's church "things" inside. The baptismal shell, cloth, candle, blanket, and certificate can be stored in the box.

Divinity celebrates adult baptism after the adult has met with Pastor Doug and makes the decision to be baptized.

Please contact the Church office to set up an appointment with Pastor Doug to prepare to celebrate Holy Baptism.