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Welcome to Divinity Lutheran Church

A People and Place of Hope, Healing and Welcome

Divinity Lutheran in Parma Heights, Ohio is a place where you can nurture your relationship with God and his people. Established in 1948 with 73 parishioners, we’ve grown into a faith community of over 1,300 people of all ages, engaged in a wide spectrum of community service, fellowship and ministry.

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Worship Services

Saturday 5:30pm
Saturday 5:30pm

This service is traditional with liturgy used from Evangelical Book of Worship (ELW). While it follows the same order as Sunday morning, it is laid-back and casual, and is usually held in our chapel.

Sunday 9am
Sunday 9am

This service is a traditional service with liturgy used from Evangelical Book of Worship (ELW).

Sunday 11am
Sunday 11am

This is a liturgical contemporary service that is led by our praise band, Chosen, which includes vocals, keyboard, guitars and drums.

Latest Sermon

The Flame of God's Everlasting Joy

The Flame of God's Everlasting Joy

Part of my seminary experience was spending a summer with high school youth. The idea was that we supposedly mature graduate-level students would be able to help guide them through the pivotal part of their teenage journey as they tried to figure out what the heck they wanted to do with their life. We would try to show them all the different ways they could serve in the world, even if it meant that they wouldn’t necessarily go on to pastor-training school and work in the church realm. We would take them to the Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity or job-shadowings in the hospital or help lead a vacation Bible school in an inner-city church. Now, some of the younger people took full advantage of the opportunity and ended up taking a path in their early adult life based on their experience on our campus. Others just wanted to get away from home for a few weeks. Others just wanted to experience a world beyond the small speck of America where they grew up....
Sun, Apr 14, 2024

Wednesday Wanderings

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A little journey through this topsy-turvy journey of joys and sorrows and hopes and dreams with plenty of grace from God along the way.

April 10, 2024

Evidently, it was on April 10, 1872, when Arbor Day was first celebrated in Nebraska of all places. From the Arbor Day Foundation: As pioneers began moving into the Nebraska Territory, the lack of trees was felt deeply. Not only did the new residents miss the trees they left behind, they were also left without the trees they needed as windbreaks to keep soil in place, for fuel and building materials, and for shade from the hot sun. Nebraska newspaper editor — and resident of Nebraska City, NE — J. Sterling Morton had an enthusiasm for trees and advocated strongly for individuals and civic groups to plant them. Once he became secretary of the Nebraska Territory, he further spread his message of the value of trees. And on January 4, 1872, Morton first proposed a tree planting holiday to be called “Arbor Day” at a meeting of the State Board of Agriculture.

Our Ministries

Youth Ministry

We have an active and vibrant youth group here at Divinity Lutheran Church. Students who are in grades 9-12 are welcome to join our group.

Music Ministry

Divinity's music ministry features vocal and instrumental groups for all ages, and a variety of musical styles. Come and use your talents to lift beautiful praises to God!

Outreach Ministries

Divinity Lutheran Church provides support to the community in the way of community meals, donations, and volunteering at other social service and faith-based organizations.

Handmade Ministries

Some members of Divinity Lutheran use their time and talents to create handmade items such as prayer shawls, clothing and wooden baptismal boxes.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are lay caregivers who provide one-to-one Christian care to hurting people. It's not a ministry to be taken lightly, but is deeply rewarding and fills a critical need for additional ministers.

Parish Health Ministry

The mission of the Parish Health Ministry is to positively impact the lives of individuals in our congregation by supporting activities that promote the health of body, mind, and spirit.

Divinity Warmline

The Warmline is a recorded daily message to help us cope with life. We don’t always need a “hotline” geared for crisis and traumatic moments. But we all need a "warmline” somewhere to help us get in touch with ourselves, the church, and God. Goethe said, “One should, each day, try to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it is possible, speak a few reasonable words.” The Warmline helps us do just that! Each day’s offering includes an opening greeting, a devotional, poem, or scripture reading, Divinity prayer concerns, Divinity birthdays and anniversaries, and a closing prayer.


On Saturday, January 5th, we were driving home from a week of 81 degrees on New Smyrna Beach in Florida. We were high in the West Virginia mountains when the snow began to fall and we needed to stop for gas and other necessities. I was standing at the gas pump with my Browns jacket on when a F350 Ford pick-up (big) pulled up behind me pulling a trailer.

A crew cut man slowly lowered himself down from the pick-up to fill up his tank. He looked like he’d been on the church diet even longer than I’ve been.

When he saw my jacket, he smiled and shouted out, “You guys finally found a quarterback! I’m from Pittsburgh. Our wide receiver betrayed us this year.”

I shouted back, “But you still would have made the playoffs if we would have beaten the Ravens.”

He shouted back, “If you would have beaten the Ravens and if Jesus would have come back.” We laughed together.

When I got back in our minivan, Danette still not used to me having conversations with strangers after 36 years of marriage, asked me what we were yelling about. I responded, “We were talking about when Jesus is going to come back.” My son Micah and his girlfriend Jasmine, sitting in the middle seats, yet again shook their heads after spending the week observing how long married couples communicate or not. Their hearing is more than good enough to have heard the actual conversation.

When is Jesus coming back? Some believe Baker Mayfield is the Messiah who will lead us to the promised land just as Lebron did. For those of us who worship the Jesus of the new testament, the Jesus who was crucified and resurrected, we heed Jesus’ words that we will not know the day nor the hour and he will return when we least expect him.

In the meantime, we journey through the Epiphany season of February, welcoming Christ’s lighting even the darkest corners of our lives and souls. Ash Wednesday doesn’t come until March 6th this year when we transition into the Lenten season.

When is Jesus coming back? We can welcome his presence everyday through another person, through worship, through prayer, through the bread and wine, through reading His Word, and through the trials, temptations, celebrations, and joys of our everyday life together.

May God bless you on your journey – Pastor Doug