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Welcome to Divinity Lutheran Church

A People and Place of Hope, Healing and Welcome

Divinity Lutheran in Parma Heights, Ohio is a place where you can nurture your relationship with God and his people. Established in 1948 with 73 parishioners, we’ve grown into a faith community of over 1,300 people of all ages, engaged in a wide spectrum of community service, fellowship and ministry.

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Worship Services

Summer worship: Beginning May 26, we will have one service at 10am on Sundays. Our Saturday night service will continue at 5:30pm in the chapel.

Saturday 5:30pm
Saturday 5:30pm

This service is traditional with liturgy used from Evangelical Book of Worship (ELW). While it follows the same order as Sunday morning, it is laid-back and casual, and is usually held in our chapel.

Sunday 10am
Sunday 10am

Traditional service for the summer. On certain Sundays the music will also include christian contemporary music led by our praise band, Chosen.

Latest Sermon

The Relentless Whirlwind of Grace

The Relentless Whirlwind of Grace

After our first year of seminary, it was the expectation that we wanna-be pastors would find a local hospital or nursing home or veterans’ care facility to serve as de-facto chaplains for a summer to better hone our pastoral care skills. And although I did my best to stay near the campus in Columbus, Ohio, I ended up at the Lutheran Hospital of Indiana. Not a big deal, but that medical facility happened to be in Fort Wayne, which, evidently, was one of the highest concentrations of those…other Lutherans: those Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod Lutherans. Now, I will be the first to admit that for many of my naïve younger years, I was under the impression that all the LCMSers resided in the Show Me State of Missouri, as their name so went, but I guess that was not the case....
Sun, Jun 23, 2024

Wednesday Wanderings

Read the latest from Pastor Brad's blog, Wednesday Wanderings.
A little journey through this topsy-turvy journey of joys and sorrows and hopes and dreams with plenty of grace from God along the way.

June 19, 2024

It was on this day (June 19) in 2016, that Cleveland shocked the world…but in a good way. Their hometown professional basketball team pulled off one of the sport’s most improbable comebacks, defeating the nearly almighty Golden State Warriors in a seven-game series after falling terribly behind 3-1. It was this night that the (in)famous LeBron James shouted for all of northeastern Ohio to hear: “Cleveland! This is for you!” Since then, some fan(atic)s have fallen out of love with their Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary high school phenom after a couple departures to, perhaps, more glamorous coastal cities. Some insist on following him as he continues to impact the NBA from the City of Angels, as the debate will forever ensue on whether he is, in fact, the greatest to ever play the game.

Our Ministries

Youth Ministry

We have an active and vibrant youth group here at Divinity Lutheran Church. Students who are in grades 9-12 are welcome to join our group.

Music Ministry

Divinity's music ministry features vocal and instrumental groups for all ages, and a variety of musical styles. Come and use your talents to lift beautiful praises to God!

Outreach Ministries

Divinity Lutheran Church provides support to the community in the way of community meals, donations, and volunteering at other social service and faith-based organizations.

Handmade Ministries

Some members of Divinity Lutheran use their time and talents to create handmade items such as prayer shawls, clothing and wooden baptismal boxes.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are lay caregivers who provide one-to-one Christian care to hurting people. It's not a ministry to be taken lightly, but is deeply rewarding and fills a critical need for additional ministers.

Parish Health Ministry

The mission of the Parish Health Ministry is to positively impact the lives of individuals in our congregation by supporting activities that promote the health of body, mind, and spirit.

Divinity Warmline

The Warmline is a recorded daily message to help us cope with life. We don’t always need a “hotline” geared for crisis and traumatic moments. But we all need a "warmline” somewhere to help us get in touch with ourselves, the church, and God. Goethe said, “One should, each day, try to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it is possible, speak a few reasonable words.” The Warmline helps us do just that! Each day’s offering includes an opening greeting, a devotional, poem, or scripture reading, Divinity prayer concerns, Divinity birthdays and anniversaries, and a closing prayer.


I share with you my annual book reviews on the five books I read as a part of our summer Divinity reading club.

“A Table in the Presence” by Lt. Carey Cash, a chaplain serving with the U.S. Marines. Lt. Cash was part of the Marine battalion that was first into Iraq and first to reach Baghdad in 2003. A quote – “After all the training, all the physical conditioning hikes, all the strategy sessions, all the intelligence briefs, all the live-fire rifle ranges, it had come to this – a decisive moment and a sincere prayer. We stood together in a circle, asking God for help, for strength, and for courage. As we bowed together on that afternoon, the ancient words of a familiar psalm came flooding into my mind… Even though I walk through the valley…”


“Martin Luther” by Eric Metaxas was published in 2017 and has some interesting insights into the man Luther. “Luther decries the name ‘Lutheran’ which was taken by many who sided with him. He asked that such people simply call themselves Christians. ‘What is Luther?’ he asked. ‘After all, the teaching is not mine. Neither was I crucified for you… How then should I – poor stinking maggot-fodder that I am – come to have men call the children of Christ by my wretched name.’ Of course, his plea was in vain.”

“Everything Happens for a Reason – and other lies I’ve loved” by Kate Bowler, a Duke Divinity School professor who specializes in the study of the prosperity gospel, a creed that sees fortune as a blessing from God and misfortune as a mark of God’s disapproval. At 35, everything in life seems to point toward “blessing”. She is thriving in her job, married to her high school sweetheart, and loves life with her newborn son. Then she is diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. No amount of positive thinking will shrink her tumors. What does it mean to die, she wonders, in a society that insists everything happens for a reason? Kate tells her story, offering up her irreverent, hard-won observations on dying and the ways it has taught her to live. Everyone who reads this book will laugh loudly and cry silently. I certainly did.

“Have a Little Faith – a true story” by Mitch Albom is a beautifully written story of an 8 year journey when he goes home to New Jersey to visit his 82 year old rabbi that he grew up with who has asked Mitch to write his eulogy. At the same time, closer to his current home, he begins visiting an inner-city Detroit pastor who is a reformed drug dealer and convict preaching to the poor and homeless in a decaying church with a large hole in the roof. Moving between their worlds, Christian and Jewish, Black and White, poor and wealthy, Mitch observes how these very different men use their faith to fight for survival. I enjoyed the quotes from their sermons and so much wisdom shared. Check it out!

“Junga – the Dancing Yeti” By Stephen Tako, younger brother of Denise Kronenberger. Bob Golic, former Cleveland Browns and now sports commentator writes, “Growing up is sometimes a difficult path for many, especially when some have to deal with a bully that draws one’s ability to fully develop mentally because of low self esteem caused by continuous harassment. I have sat and talked with author Stephen Tako and appeared on “Tako Talk” with him. Stephen’s new book is a must read for parents and teachers alike”. Tanya Brown, youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson writes, “this book delves into the confidence and esteem building tools that are needed today to combat bullying and raise esteem on every level.” Personally, I liked the illustrations of Peter Gullerud who worked for Disney on movies such as Aladdin.

All five of these books from our Divinity library were enjoyable and instructive. Check out our library!

In Christ – Pastor Doug