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Some things I do as part of our Divinity ministry are more fun than others. I’ve always looked forward to our interactions and sharing of ideas and faith in our adult studies on Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. I’m especially anticipating this spring’s study of 1 Corinthians by Melissa Spoelstra from Dublin, Ohio. We’ll meet for 7 weeks, beginning on April 9/11 and ending on May 21/23. There will be a short video of Melissa teaching in each class followed by discussion questions. The study book can be picked up from Paula for $11.00.

A portion of Melissa’s introduction may help motivate you to join us in class…

Divinity is blessed with gifted volunteers who so strengthen our ministry together. This time I lift up two women, Rachel McDonnell and Linda Grand who have supported myself and Divinity in our response to opioid addiction and death in our congregation and county.

Rachel just finished doing a wonderful job of teaching our 5 week winter interim on Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. Her textbook was entitled “Mental Health First Aid USA” with the subtitle, “For Adults Assisting Young People”. Class members were of all ages from young teachers in our school system to retired grandparents helping with grandchildren.

Do you have a child or grandchild in the third through eighth grade? If so, they could come with me to Camp Mowana this summer. Pathfinders Camp is for third through fifth graders and Confirmation Camp is for sixth through eighth graders. We will depart on the afternoon of Sunday, July 15th, and return on the afternoon of Friday, July 20th.

Unfortunately, less youth are going to summer camps these days primarily because of the competition of sports and other camps and because of the cost. In the good, old days we could send our kids to Bible camp and enjoy a summer week of peace and quiet! Today camp costs $460 if you register before MARCH 31ST. For those youth who participate in our fundraisers (like the silent auction and meal on February 3rd), or have a well endowed grandparent, or talk to me about a need for financial assistance, there is help in paying the $460. We don’t want any youth not going to camp because of finances.

Enclosed in every January Digest is a “time and talent” sheet or a “commitment of my spiritual gifts” sheet to be filled out and brought back to our office or be brought to the altar on time and talent Sunday – January 28th.

This year I raise up ushers as our examples of using their time and talent to serve.

Back when I was growing up during the “brown hymnal” years, an usher had to be a member of the church, a confirmed male, and know exactly when to pull the rope to ring the bell at three different points during the Lord’s Prayer.

Today, “red hymnal” ushers need to be present or have lined up a replacement. Other than that, anything goes.