Introduction / Purpose:

  • It is the goal of Divinity Lutheran Church to respect the privacy rights and concerns of our adult and child members.
  • Images of our congregation members bring our congregation to life providing a window into the vitality, activity and friendliness of the community that gathers here.
  • This photo/image privacy policy provides everyone, congregation photographers and members, the guidelines we strive to uphold.
  • This policy will be provided to New Members during the New Member class.

Policy Objectives:

Images of adults (age 18 years and above) engaged in congregational activities and used to report on congregational events may be used without seeking permission.

Regarding images of children, under age 18 years old, permission from parents or guardians is needed.

A TWO TIER approach will be necessary.

They include:

  1. Photos/Images “IN HOUSE”
    • Includes pictures shown on the sanctuary screen, church bulletin, church bulletin boards, Divinity Digest, Divinity Directory.
  2. Photos/Images “ON LINE”
    • Includes photos/images portrayed on our Web Sites and Social Media (Ex: Face book, etc.)

Our church will include photos/images of children unless the “OPT OUT” form is completed and signed. 

  • The “OPT OUT” form will provide the parents’/guardian’s choice for their child(ren) as specified in the Two Tier Policy.
  • If choosing to “OPT OUT” from photos/images, ONLY ONE FORM PER FAMILY/ HOUSEHOLD is required to be completed and submitted to the Parish Administrator.
  • “OPT OUT” Forms and the Divinity Lutheran Church Photo/Images Privacy Policy will be posted on Divinity Lutheran’s Website, as well as, published in the Digest and available in the Church Office.
  • The Parish Administrator will provide all record keeping.
  • A list of the “OPT OUT” Children will be available.


By not filling out the “OPT OUT” Form and thus allowing photos/images to be used the Member will:

  • Grant permission to use their likeness in photographs, video recording images in its publication using the TWO TIER Format without payment or any other consideration.
  • Understand that these materials will become the property of our church and may not be returned.
  • Authorizes the church to edit and use the images for the purpose of publicizing and sharing its programs.
  • Waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product including written or electronic copy.
  • Holds harmless and release and forever discharge Divinity Lutheran Church from all claims, demands and causes of action which they, their heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, or any other persons acting on their behalf or on behalf of their estate have or may have by reason of this authorization.

Divinity Lutheran Church will:

  • Provide credit for whoever took a particular photo/images if desired by the photographer and will honor any copyright wishes or restrictions.
  • Inform the people that they are being photographed and the photos/images may be used.
  • Not print any photo/images or story that presents the subject in a false or negative light.
  • Post only in good taste. No embarrassing, objectionable or hurtful photos/images will be used.
  • Not intrude into anyone’s solitude, seclusion or private property without permission.
  • Not publish private photos/images or stories without permission.
  • Not appropriate any photo/images of any person for any commercial use, such as advertisements without permission.
  • Put names as captions with photos/images, if applicable.
  • Remove any photo/images immediately upon request.

Effective Date:

This policy is effective March 1, 2015.

Review and Revision Policy:

This policy will be reviewed yearly by:  The Pastor, the Youth Director, Vice President and Co-Directors of the Boards of Youth and Education which serves on the Parish Planning Council at Divinity Lutheran Church and update as necessary.

Forms:  Photo Privacy Policy Two Tier “Opt Out” Form