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High School Youth


We are very blessed with active and service-oriented youth here at Divinity!  
Here are a couple of updates about things God is helping us do here:

This summer, we have twelve high-school students travelling to Toronto to share God’s love there. They will be working in neighborhoods in the urban area, working on houses, food banks, with children’s groups, and in senior living facilities. They will be learning to share God’s peace with people that may not otherwise receive it or learn about it. These experiences always prove to be life-changing and eye-opening. They help equip our young people for tasks they will face once they are in the “real world” on their own.

We will also have five middle-school students attending the F3 Confirmation Camp at Camp Mowana. There they will learn about their faith, deepen their understanding, and strengthen their relationship with God. They will connect to God’s nature and with other area Christians that will help lead them further on their journey with God.

These experiences would not be possible without the support of our Divinity family. We are supported in so many ways—volunteers who give freely of their time at fundraisers such as the rummage sale, the auction, and the wing ding, teaching and leading classes and car washes, attending fundraisers, giving generous donations, and extending prayers and thoughts of encouragement. The list could go on and on as to how the youth are supported at Divinity.

We would like to express a very sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our Divinity family. Our pledge is to share the love you have shown us with those we meet along the way and be positive representatives of Christ and of Divinity.

Please continue to pray for all of our youth and those attending these trips this summer, as well as our chaperones and youth board, for safe travels and a meaningful experience. The individuals attending trips this summer are the following:

Toronto Mission Trip—Emily Ackerman, John Ackerman, Nate Chilia, Nick Chilia, Ian Crane, Tricia Crane, Noah Eaton, Faith Hunt, Logan Kanya, Caitlin Klemme, Ricky Knoblock, Brian McDonnell, Rachel McDonnell, Olivia Neff, Rebecca Smith

Camp Mowana—Jennifer Marvin, Annabelle Oas, Audrey Oas, Samantha Roff, Jerry White

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Senior High Sunday school MEETS from 10 am to 11 am. We look forward to a new year of growing with each other in God’s love and friendship.
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