Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Ministry was started here at Divinity about 8 years ago and since then we have given away over 600 shawls.  They can never be purchased but are gifts of love from our church Family to whoever is in need.  It is supported by donations only.  In the past year about $1,300 was spent for yarn.
When someone says "Prayer Shawl" we might be tempted to think of the Jewish heritage of wrapping ourselves in a shawl when we pray.  That is of course, an excellent idea, and one some may choose to do, but there is even more to our Prayer Shawl Ministry.  The old expression "Our hands are God's hands" has taken on new life through this ministry which combines knitting or crocheting with prayer to create beautiful shawls for those in need. Many blessings are prayed into every shawl.

This ministry is an intentional devotion to prayer, and the people who create these lovely shawls, visible signs of God's love for others, pray while they create them.  Although they do not know who will receive any particular shawl they pray asking God to answer whatever needs the recipient may have, asking Him to bless them and surround them with His love.  The softness of the shawl reminds them of His love, as they surround themselves with it, share it with loved ones, or cuddle with others with it.

There is a pattern for the shawls, but they come back with the creativeness of the person who made them.  The yarn is available in the church at no charge to the creator and there is no time line for completing them.  Prayer is the important part of the shawl and suggested prayers come with the pattern.

They (shawls) are ideal for those undergoing medical procedures, as a comfort after a loss or in times of stress, during bereavement, prayer or meditation, during an illness and recovery and ministering to others.  The shawls are accompanied by lovely hand made cards that are suitable for framing.

If you think this is a ministry you might be interested in, please call Loretta Cross at (440) 845-2060 ext.18.