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Vacation Bible School


We cheered, sang, created, played, met new friends and collected food for our neighbors!  Through Courage, Obedience, Faith, Unity and Jesus we are closer to our God.  Who Wins?  God Always Wins!

Thank you for your support.  We had a wonderful week! 
Thank you to the following volunteers who donated their time and talent Celebrating God’s Victory! 

Emily Ackerman, John Ackerman, Dylan Bellomy, Mackenzie Brunecz, Susan Brunecz
Libbi Chilia, Nate Chilia, Sami Chilia, Sue Clay, Ian Crane, Tricia Crane, Steven Czapor, Linda Doza
Karen Hopp, Jan Jasko, Logan Kanya, Linda Krauss, Sue Marko, Brian McDonnell
Brendan McDonnell, Rachel McDonnell, Abby Mudra, Megan Mudra, Shane Murphy 
Pat Murray, Olivia Neff, Anna Oas, Annabelle Oas, Audrey Oas, Margaret Parsons, Angel Perez
Kayla Perez, Kim Perez, Stacy Raymond, Matt Revilock, Terri Revilock, Blaine Rick, Delila Rogers
Samantha Roff, Kim Ryan, Traci Schon, Lesley Smith, Calen Spring, Marti Stephan

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