Parma Park Elementary School

Click this link to see our Divinity TUTORS IN ACTION!  Members and friends of Divinity donate time once a week to work with Parma Park students to improve the students' reading skills.  For an hour a week, each child helped gets one-on-one time with an adult while working on reading skills.  We will again be volunteering for the 2018-2019 school year!

Divinity Lutheran Church has always had a special relationship with Parma Park Elementary School, which sits adjacent to its property. The school served as the site of worship services for the Divinity congregation from 1953 until 1965, when the current church structure was dedicated.

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Over the years the two institutions have collaborated on many community events. Today the church's volunteers provide school supplies, books, and other essentials such as winter coats, mittens, scarves (many of them hand-made!), and shoes to the students at Parma Park.
In addition, the congregation provides Christmas gifts and food to families who might have to skip the celebration due to tight finances.

One of the greatest gifts the children have received is the GIFT OF TIME AND LOVE as a result of a tutoring program provided by Divinity volunteers. The dedicated members who provide an hour of tutoring on Tuesdays have touched the hearts of parents, teachers, and most of all, the hearts of the children with whom they have worked. The program not only strengthens students’ skills, but provides them with one-on-one attention from an adult who imparts knowledge and listens to the student. The school has seen a boost in students’ self-esteem and an increase in their interest and success in school since the tutoring program was implemented!