Prayer Chain Ministry

Prayer Chain Ministry

Divinity's Prayer Chain Ministry was formed in 1996 and is staffed by a very dedicated group of volunteers, both men and women, who pray for two weeks for each prayer request they receive. They then release the people or situation they have prayed for to God's loving care.  

Prayer requests are sent via email, by phone, U.S. Mail, or through an online request. An average of 300 requests are received per year, and all requests are held in the strictest confidence.

A team of ministers periodically makes follow-up calls to those who have requested prayers. It's an important part of the ministry and lets people know they have not forgotten them. They really enjoy knowing that someone cares enough about them enough to call and check on their welfare.

All ministers of prayer, regardless of which area they serve in, participate in a Commissioning Service once a year. An annual renewal of commitment is offered specifically for the prayer ministers. It is held on a Saturday afternoon, before the regular Saturday worship service so those who choose to do so may attend the worship service.

The group is always glad to welcome new members. If you'd like to participate, please call Loretta Cross at (440) 845-2060, ext 18.