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Building Features


Sculptor Harry Wheeler sought to emphasize both the unity and the mystery of the Trinity with the reredos above the altar. It is our symbol of the Trinity making us aware of the Presence of the Triune God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit-in our midst. 

At the top are the wings of a dove symbolizing the Presence of the Holy Spirit pouring out His precious gifts upon us. The dove rests on the head of Christ.

Though without face, the streams of light symbolize Him as the Light of the world. The head is attached to a shape suggesting an infant cradled in an arm further symbolizing the incarnation of Christ, our Savior.

A hand, at the bottom of the reredos symbolizes the Father as our creator and provider. The hand is scarred and striped reminding us the Father gave the Son for crucifixion and our salvation.

A semi-circular design was chosen for the nave to show that we believe the church is God in the midst of His people; worship is open communication between God and His people; and people are not spectators but participants. 

stained glass windows

The stained glass windows seek to develop a church gathering to worship God and scattering to serve Him, leaving to be the people of God in the world.

The Church
Six panels at the center aisle are: The ship as an ancient symbol indicating safety and salvation and the Church on the Rock reminds us of Peter's confession upon which Christ promised to build His church. Other symbols indicate the Eternal City, the Sheep in the care of the Shepherd, Christ as Vine in whom live the people who are the branches and God's People who are the "light of the world."

The Ship panel    The Sheep panel

Means of Grace
In this bay of windows are symbols for the Sacraments and Word of God-nourishment for Christians. The shell is a common symbol for Baptism; the chalice and wafers represent Holy Communion; and, the Cross on the World suggests Christ in the Living Word for the entire world. 

The other three windows depict the Word of God as a two-edged Sword, an open Bible and the Law. 

Sacraments panel    Word of God panel

Christian Disciplines
Six disciplines equip and strengthen Christians: the Altar refers to worship, the Chi Rho and Lamp refer to study, the Praying Hands speak to prayer, the Yoke of obedience, the Descending Dove and rays refer to confirmation and the Koinonia is a reminder of the strength in Christian fellowship. 

Six Disciplines Panel 2    Six Disciplines panel 1

Christian Charity
People of God who assemble weekly to worship go out into the world to live as God's Servants. As Jesus indicates in Matthew 25, He expects His followers to give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked, attend those in prison, visit those who are ill and welcome the stranger. 

Christian Charity panel

Christian Vocation
These windows are another forceful reminder the Christian goes into the world to live there faithfully as a Servant of God in whatever vocation God has called him. The windows say: be a Christian in your home, scientist or technologist, student in school, citizen of our country, merchant or worker. 

 Vocation Panel 3  Vocation panel 2  Vocation Panel 1